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6 Must-Have Tools For a Road-Trip

On Deal On Tires, we know that when you are on the road, you are out in the adventure, and even with all the precautions while driving your car, the road can get dangerous when you least expect it, especially if your car breaks down or runs into trouble.

So what can you do when this happens? Well, you certainly can’t be 100% out of risk at all time, but on DealOnTires.com we want to tell you about some tools that can help us in a time of need.

First aid kit

First aid kit - Dealontires.com

First aid kit is essential to all kind of injuries during a road trip, especially with kids on board. This first aid kit can help treat emergencies ranging from cuts and bruises to burns and sprains. It includes bandages, tapes and gauze, relief pads, antiseptic cleansing wipes, and cotton swabs among other things you could add to your personal care.


Portable Air Compressor

Portable Compressor - Dealontires.com


Nothing worse to start a day than a flat tire.

If you just have a low tire in the morning or during a road trip, this portable compressor will get you on your way. If necessary, you will keep filling up your tires until you get to your destination and fix the problem properly.

Car Battery Starter/Jumper cables

Battery starter - Dealontires.com

Most of us usually forget to keep a track of when we replaced our car’s battery the last time. A jumper starter can be a great tool to have on your car, especially when your battery is weak during a road trip. It can also charger your USB devices in a moment.

Jumper cables can also be of great use in case you are stuck, if you have jumper cables with you, you can easily start your car with someone’s help.

Flat tire sealant

Flat tire seal - Dealontires.com


A flat tire sealant is indispensable on a road trip, these products can help you to easily seal and inflate your tire on the side of the road to keep you on your way in no time. However, you must remember that this is just a temporary solution and you will need a professional repair for your tire.


Tire pressure gauge

Pressure gauge  - Dealontires.com

Optimal tire inflation is important for performance, fuel economy and safety, and it’s important to check them every time the temperature changes significantly. Keep on your toolbox a tire pressure gauge to have your tires set to whatever your vehicle’s manufacture’s recommendation is.

Your tires are the legs of your vehicle, always remember to check with a professional your tires and spare tire and their condition regularly, this inspection can be a lifesaver!



Check your tire balancing (Not a tool)

Tire balance  - Dealontires.com

Tire balancing is often confused with wheel alignment but they are not the same thing. Tire balancing corrects weight imbalances within the tire and the wheel by placing small weights into the barrel of the wheel. Consult your tire professional and they will tell you if you need this done.

Remember that you can find some of these items and professional services for your vehicle on DealOnTires.com, where our personal would love to help you to find what you are looking for.

These sets are all relatively cheap and you probably have many of these already, too. If you have everything on these lists, it'll take a serious breakdown to keep you from reaching your destination.