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6 tips to prevent accidents on the road

We spend hours and hours in our vehicles, and during all of this time we are exposed to be in a minor accident to a fatal crash. These situations can lead to injuries, financial struggles, and even emotional damage. Is there something you could have done to prevent this from happening? While this may not always be the case, many times auto accidents can be prevented.



On DealOnTires we would like to help you understand some of the main causes of car accidents and how you can prevent them. Sometimes, the causes of a car accident may seem obvious, but to behold these situations can help us to prevent them and be more aware of our surroundings.

We hope our tips to prevent accidents on the road can be your guide towards a lifetime of car accident prevention.

1.Remain vigilant when driving

The car is the last place that you should be multitasking, you must stay focused on the road and avoid letting anything distract you from driving.


Talking while driving will distract you from focusing on the road. You should never use your cell phone when driving, even on speaker, it may fall of your hands or distract you as much as you were holding it on your ear. So, put away that phone.

A few other distractions to keep in mind include eating food, assisting kids in the backseat, and picking up items that fell on the floor.


The purpose of a speed limit is simple: to avoid accidents. Be aware of sings that inform you of the safest speed to travel on that particular road. This could be due to higher traffic, sharp turns, uneven road, and many other factors.

The faster you drive, the slower your reaction time will be if you need to prevent an auto accident and the longer it will take to stop your car. Speeding is dangerous, even if there is no one else around you.


3.Safe car

Apart from good driving behavior, you must select a car that has excellent safety features. Remember to check your lights to let others drivers to be aware of your maneuvers and to keep your tires in good conditions. Remember to do this periodically, consult our professionals on DealOnTires, our experts will help you to keep you informed of your car tires conditions and needs.

safe car

4.Road rage 

Everyone has been angry at another driver for one reason or another, it could be that someone didn’t use their signal lever, were going slow in the fast lane or pulled out in front of them. Some drivers let their rage take over and make unwise decisions.

 Road rage

Remember to always stay calm on this scenario. If you encounter a road rager, the best thing to do is get out of the way and without acknowledging their acts. Don’t risk yourself to an accident you can easily prevent by not getting into a confrontation.

5.Tire Blowouts

You can see the scattered remains of tires across most highways. Blowing a tire can not only cause injury to you and your vehicle but to those around you, specially the passengers inside the vehicle.

Make sure to check your tires periodically and have the correct PSI for your vehicle and the hubcaps and bolts before driving.

 tire blowout

When in doubt, don’t blow it out.

If you have doubts about your tires condition, on DealOnTires our professionals can help you to solve them. Also you can call our MobileTireService for all Valley of Sun area.


Not all the accidents are on the road, sometimes we make mistakes when less expected.

The idea is to put your car in a safe place when you’re not driving it, so try not to park near busy intersections, tight turns and driveways. Other drivers may not see your vehicle and could side-swipe it when passing by. 


Never leave valuables in a parked car. Having them in view is an invitation to thieves. Take expensive things with you, store them inside your glove compartment or lock them in the trunk.

Extra tips! 

  • Keep your car’s lights on when driving at dusk and dawn and during rainy seasons.
  • Constantly monitor its tires, brakes, lights, and mirrors.

On DealOnTires we hope the tips above can greatly help you in reducing the risk of a car accident. Remember to stay alert at all times while driving, the best safest way to drive is to be provident.

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